Name- Kyle Black

Blog- Is everything I like

About me- I'm a pop culture nerd. I was born in 1979. I've been a music geek since I could talk. I grew up in the 80's & 90's loving Bruce Springsteen, Run DMC, Beastie Boys, Hip-Hop & Punk plus all kinds of pop music.

Where from- Born in Iowa City, Iowa
Raised in Fort Dodge, Iowa
I lived in Cedar Rapids, Iowa for 8 years.
I now live in the Chicago area.

My favorite bands/artists- Bruce Springsteen, Rancid, Minor Threat, Public Enemy, Rage Against The Machine, The Clash, Gaslight Anthem, The Hold Steady, Jesse Malin, Lucero, Doomtree, P.O.S., Sims, Ryan Adams, Bouncing Souls, The Police, Beastie Boys, A Tribe called Quest....

My favorite shows- Breaking Bad, Walking Dead, Sopranos, Rescue Me, Mad Men, Simpsons, Friday Night Lights, Freaks & Geeks....

My favorite movies- Eternal Sunshine of a Spotless Mind, Perks of being a Walllflower, Vanilla Sky, Valley Girl, The Goonies, Big Fish, The Terminator, The Breakfast Club, Goodfellas....
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